About Us

Spoleg means Sport+legal!

Spoleg is the first and potent Iran-based law firm with an exclusive focus on sports law which is active at both national and international levels. Our team comprises the most dedicated lawyers and legal counsels across the country with expertise in various fields of sports law, with highly regarded academic and career backgrounds.

Spoleg focuses on sports law in particular and offers its services in forms of legal consultation, legal representation in sports-related disputes, providing clubs and federations with regulatory activities, education, and legal training. Our clients are different stakeholders present in sports i.e. clubs, national federations, athletes, coaches and agents.

The chief executive officer of Spoleg, Rouzbeh Vosough Ahmadi, is a FIFA Pro Bono Counsel, member of Ethical and Legal Department of The United World Wrestling, the former dean of the Players’ Status Committee at IRAN Football Federation, a former member of the Disciplinary Committee at Asian Football Confederation and a former member of the Disciplinary Committee at Iran Football Federation. Mr. Vosough Ahmadi is a well-known expert in sports law knowledge, with specialized expertise in dispute resolution and doping.