One of the main services offered at Spoleg is to represent individuals and entities active in the field of sports during the litigation proceedings. Our clients are national federations, clubs, athletes, coaches and agents or intermediaries.

Defending the rights of individuals and institutions before litigation courts or sports tribunals, requires top-notch professional knowledge and first-hand experience in the field, and as our team members possess such key characteristics, defending the rights of our clients can be best done at Spoleg.

sports law is an entirely specialized area of law and the majority of sports law disputes are governed by laws, rules and precedents unique to the industry. That is why at Spoleg we recommend clients to trust their cases to professionals who are experienced in the field of sports and are actively contributing to the law community of sports.

We have experience in handling all sorts of sport-related disputes, including but not limited to:

- All litigation processes in the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS);

- All legal procedures in deciding bodies of international sports federations, including FIFA (Players' Status Committee, Dispute Resolution Chamber, Disciplinary Committee, Ethics Committee, and Appeal Committee);

- All legal procedures in domestic bodies dealing with legal disputes and licensing in national federations and entities, in particular, those in Iran Football Federation (Players Status Committee, Disciplinary Committee, Ethics Committee, and Professional Licensing Committee);

- All sport-related procedures before the state courts